Here are some interior design ideas for displaying my glass art panels.  Each of the leaded stained glass art panels in the collection for sale are framed in 2" wide oak.  On the sides of the oak frame are brass hooks.  To hang them in front of a window, use eye hooks screwed into the top of your window frame , then use an "S" hook in the eye hook,  attach the chain then attach another "S" hook to the bottom of the chain into the hook at the side of the frame.

I also welcome custom orders where I can create a glass art panel to your specific dimensions that can be installed in an interior door or window or displayed as framed works of art hanging in front of an existing window.

Tools for Hanging

Screw Eye Hook & S Hooks


The eye hook screws into the top of your window frame, then use the S hooks to attach the chain.

Brass Chain


An example of brass chain.  

Brass Side Hooks


Each stained glass art panel comes with these  hooks already attached to each side of the frame of the glass art panel.

To view my glass art panels installed

For a variety of ways my glass art panels have been installed or displayed by my clients, please click  on the button below.